Paradise at the edge of the earth.

I can hardly remember it now, it seems like a dream. Earlier this year I spent a week with friends and family in the remote East Cape region of the North Island of New Zealand. We stayed with my cousin Jim Kemp at Cape Runaway. Jim runs a land-based fishing charter (, and provides accomodation too (

Cape Runaway
Cape Runaway

This is the place to go to get the premiere fish species in New Zealand, and snapper and kingfish graced our table (I got my first kingfish weighing in at 26 kg). The days were timeless and the weather sublime. The marine life was prolific, and at times I was surrounded by so many fish it was hard to make sense of it all! However, the real magic of this trip was just being in this special area, away from civilisation, taking photos and video, enjoying the thriving ecosystem and the 20 metre visibility under the water. I just wanted to share a few photos.

A school of kingfish
A school of kingfish
A kina barren
A kina barren

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