And I live more


I made my peace, to the coconut smell of gorse
To the chirp of crickets
Like tinnitus inside my head

Gentle clouds
The manuka poles that chatter in the wind
Squeaking as their trunks touch

Oh, and a bloody dog barks across the gully
And my heart stops
And I live more

So I arch my shoulders back,
So I push my chest out until the intercostals crack,
So I breathed the forest in,
So I sucked it in,
In to the meat of my lungs
Where the fronds of fern and flesh could curl together
And rest
And still my heart
Stops beating
And I live more

© 2016 Richard Hall. All Rights Reserved.


And I live more 3
Chris Mackie, in a moment of introspection amongst the horopito (pepperwoods), surveys the forests of the Ruahine Ranges. It is moments like the one Chris is experiencing here that make me feel alive. Hunting gives me time to sit down, look at the clouds, take a deep breath and remember that I am in the midst of living a finite life.

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