Local deer

It was never my intention to have this blog as record for events that transpire. I want for it to be about thoughts on hunting, fishing and diving. But I am going to break my promise to myself, as I wanted to share this experience. We have red deer living less than 2 kilometres from my house. I got to hunt there recently (by balloted permit). I find it quite remarkable that in a place like Wellington, with over 400,000 people around, that deer are quietly living in the hill country so close behind us. There did not appear to be many of them, but they are there. I covered about 10 kilometres in a round trip and found two stag territories.

This hunt reminded me just how much I love hunting. The absence of venison from my pack didn’t worry me. I reveled in the chance to be outside, on my own, with the sun on my back and breathing in the strange perfume of the beech trees.

Beech forest in the East Harbour Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand.
The deer were here. Small pockets of sign were dotted around the bush in select places.

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